Beach house Bottlecap art
We turn Bottlecaps into UNIQUE AND PERSONALIZED GIFTS that are works of art just for you

 welcome to the place where
you have a choice
in how your Unique art looks!

All art pieces you see on this website are examples of what we have made for our valued customers.  We do not have a store with shelves of ready made items.  Your art is made only after you make the choices of species, caps and color.  

Each bottlecap art piece is individually carved, sanded and detailed from planks of white pine.
The fins and other projections are added last for the 3-D effect.

The carved pieces are then wood burned and painted according to the species of fish or color beer caps you have chosen. Bottle caps are flattened one by one with a hammer. We have tried everything, and nothing else works as well to get them this flat. We even tried running them over with the truck….that did not work. Each bottlecap is nailed individually in the pattern and color scheme dictated by the item. Every art piece has a woodburned label and is Hand -signed
The time and labor is well worth the finished effect on your custom made art.

We use over 100 brands of bottlecaps. 22 of the most common names are sold by our local pubs, and therefore are in good supply. A brewery may change the look of their caps from time to time, therefore some items on this site have cap colors that are no longer in use.
Soda caps are very scarce due to the primary use of plastic twist tops on soft drink bottles. If you have only a specific (and uncommon) brand of bottlecaps in mind you would like on your art piece, you can have an “art appreciation party” to encourage your friends to drink enough beverages to supply you with the caps you need. We will mix in your bottlecaps, or if the party is a huge success, you can supply them all!
Mermaids average 85-100 caps. Starfish have 26 caps. Turtles need 60-120 caps, depending on the size you choose. Fish can require up to 500 bottlecaps. When you have an art piece with this many caps, individual brands get “lost in the mix’ visually. The colors can also vary according to the fish markings. In this case, it is usually best to use a majority of our common brands to achieve the correct colorations and look. You can still have a sampling of your favorites mixed in for personalization, but try to choose a fish that naturally has those colors. For instance, Flounder may be your favorite fish, but if your favorite beer cap is bright blue, you may want to pick another type of fish if you want it to look natural.

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